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Fisher and Paykel

The award winning Fisher and Paykel introduces a style that strikes an equilibrium between resilience, iconic and sempiternal. This brand provides multiple appliance designs and styles that suits any ultra-modern kitchen. Only one word best describes what Fisher and Paykel brings to your kitchen, perfection.

Fisher and Paykel are renowned for refrigerators and freezers that provide ultimate food care. The do this by a means of ducting their refrigerators and freezers with variable temperature zones which makes your appliance perform in consonance with your environment. The refrigerators and freezers are built to perfection and provide plenty of room for the storage of your ingredients and food items.

Fisher and Paykel have flooded the modern day market with lots of products that include microwave, dishwashers, ranges, freezers, refrigerators, rangehoods, electric cooktops, built-in ovens and washing machines. All these products have been meticulously engineered to meet the increasing demands of every household and the daily consumer quest for perfection.

Fisher and Paykel have managed to ease the burdens of our fast paced lives by not only manufacturing these appliances, but by also utilizing the sophistication of micro-compressors and brushless DC electric motor to improve efficiency of all products. The identity of this brand remains in its adventurous designs and optimum efficiency that allows for better user interaction.

Fisher and Paykel’s passion remains untouched, the brand continuously makes conscious effort in producing high-end home appliances and products that makes our everyday routine more enjoyable. This unflinching focus has earned the brand various award in several product categories. What more would you ask of this brand? Except more time off work to enjoy their innovations.

We repair all products and appliances that have been innovated by the brand while we restore them to a proper working order. We ensure that your Fisher and Paykel product continues to provide you with maximum utility that makes your daily routines enjoyable. Our prfoessionals will help you to elimate your problmes regarding the products which you are facing.

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