How to stop yourself from being drug-addicted

drug and alcohol treatment

Imagine you and your friends going on a road trip, enjoying the air, humming to your favorite music and living your life to the fullest. But then, one of your friends take out a bottle of alcohol and start drinking it like there is no tomorrow. Everyone in the car drinks till they get completely drunk and your friend who is driving the car increases the speed with every passing moment. Yes! The feeling is great when you are drunk and the car is moving like a space shuttle but then the worst nightmare comes true. The driver loses his control and crashes leaving some of you dangerously injured or rather dead. The feeling is not good anymore, is it?

Drugs and alcohol abuse can really ruin more lives than we can hardly expect. Alcohol in the home is still the right choice but drugs? Not at home, not outside the home; Drugs can kill no matter how the environment is.

According to a recent survey, we found that several parents and friends have reached out online searching for rehab centers.  ‘’ Drug and alcohol treatment center near me’’ has been one of the frequently searched questions in recent years.

Drug addiction can cause a brain disease which will make you highly dependent on it and furthermore, it will become a disorder. Both your physiology and psychology will depend on drugs and harm your health.

What is the reason for substance abuse?

We might blame drugs and alcohol for ruining lives, but what we do not highlight is why a person decides to consume the drug in the first place.

Addicts are made, not born. Certain individual issues like depression, failure, rejection, and denial make you choose the wrong path of life which ends up making you an addict. A lot of times, pressure from people to try something new, i.e, drugs can also end up making you an addict. It might be easy to think that you will only try and not get addicted but the average human tolerance power does not let you keep that word.  Once you see your brain reacts in some other way which makes you feel better than ever, even if you do not want it you will try it again and again.

What are the side effects of drug and alcohol abuse?

If we talk about the side effects, then well there are tons of it. Probably the only good effect according to the addict would be that he enjoyed the pleasure of being high or drunk but not to mention, it also is one of the side effects as one person depends on a substance which shuts off his thinking capability for staying happy. Drug abusing for getting off the reality of denial puts you in greater denial; a denial trap from which you can never come out by yourself. Several centers of drug and alcohol treatment have mentioned these side effects [below] which have ruined several lives. 

1.    Mental confusion

2.    Lung diseases

3.    Memory loss

4.    Hallucination

5.    Paranoia

6.    No self-control

7.    Destruction of relationships

8.    Confused emotions

9.    Collapsed Veins

10.    Heart Stroke


It could be very hard for the addict to give up substance abuse on his own. The first and foremost part of getting rid is support and motivation from family and friends.  It is very important for you to make the addict understand why rehab is necessary; try to be calm until the situation gets out of hand. You can Google ‘’ Drug and alcohol treatment center near me’’ and you can choose the best rehab for treatment.


It is important for us to take care of our friends and families and to keep them safe and away from drug abuse is our duty. Every educational institute must have Drug addiction workshops for spreading awareness.

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